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Get to Know the People Behind the Company

Meet Our General Manager and Crew Leader

Matt grew up at a small hunting and fishing resort in Ranger Lake, Ontario, a well-known outdoorsman area just a couple of hours north of Soo. At the young age of 10 and throughout his teenage years, he learned to swing a hammer and cut boards with a handsaw alongside his grandfather. This experience led him to learn how to operate power tools and some tricks of the trade, which he still uses to this day.

In 2005, he ventured out west to Manitoba and hit the roofing and home exterior industry hard. That year, he worked hard so he could start his own business.

With hard work and determination, he became a roofing crew foreman within his first 6 months in Manitoba. He then gained his journeyman ticket, earning loads of knowledge and skill in the process. Matt did the roofing and home exterior gig in Manitoba until 2010.

After that, he relocated to southern Saskatchewan in the center of the oil Bakken. During that time, the building construction industry was at its maximum, and the demands of his work as a site supervisor for a very reputable company were high. A year later, he was promoted to the project manager position, where he sat until spring.

In 2013, Matt met wife, started a family and finally went on his own in the construction world and started off on a big note, constructing 5,000- to 15,000-square-foot shops for local farmers and oil industry clientele. However, in late 2014, the oil industry took a turn for the worse.

Instead of falling with it and the economy around it, Matt took his wife and kids and decided to move back to Manitoba and hit the residential exterior industry. They landed log home contracts where they milled the logs then construct log frames on site. Sometimes, they just framed and left, and other times, they did turnkey finishes.

Things turned out good—they became comfortable on their newer acreage in north-central Manitoba until a summer visit back home in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario in 2018 led Matt to make a huge decision. He decided to move back home so he can be closer to his family. Matt and his wife have a combined total of eight children, hence the company name.

Mission Statement

We are a small family company with a huge background, experience, and knowledge in the construction industry. As exterior and interior specialists, roofing pros, and renovation masters, along with expert builders, we thrive off our own workmanship and don’t settle for good outcomes alone.

One day we could be installing a new roof on your home, and the next day we could be installing your neighbour’s high-end kitchen. No matter what the customers’ demands are, we at Crazy 8 Construction will fulfill their construction needs and beyond. Don’t forget we are " The Gett'er Done Crew "

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